Ciao! is a nine strip comic piece about a stereotypical robot finding friendship with a trusted canine pal. This sequential art piece humanizes said robot, showcasing emotion and epiphany through the pun of the Italian ‘hello’.

ink on paper, 2017

[ Commuter ] 

CMTR. is an architecture thesis exploring urban transportation and its direct effects to the overall efficiency of the modern city. Questioning the actual need for automobiles, we turn to explore novel usecases for the marveled two-wheeled wonder: the bicycle.

While utilizing the current automobile infrastructure, CMTR. grafts onto existing roadways, jersey barriers, and bridge structures. Understanding that increased automobile commute times cause higher pollutant emissions, this thesis aims to promote bicycle commuting within the automobile heavy San Francisco bay area. 

B. Arch Thesis, 2018/2019

Detail Show Poster

Poster design for yearly thesis show. Exploration of type through modeling in Rhino3D.

Cal Poly Undergraduate, 2019


The Plywood Lounger is a chair created as a passion project, in dedication to challenge my own abilities to design and fabricate a full-scale ergonomic piece, as well as to test my learned skills of computer-aided design modeling to real life wood work fabrication. 

During my architecture undergraduate schooling, we are often designing within a scaled down computerized 2D screen. This project allowed me to step back and design within a 1:1 scale and focus on the human proportion of whom we are designing for.

Cal Poly Undergraduate, 2019

Mojave x URLA 
ComplexCon 2022

The MojavexURLA project was a pre-fabricated pop-up booth designed for the MojavexURLA booth at the 2022 Long Beach Complex Convention. Designed and collaborated with the founder of Mojave, Nick Imbriale and architectural designer Fernando Astiazaran, with a limited timeframe of a 2 day convention, we created a design that could be quickly constructed and deconsructed.

Fabricated as flat-packed 1/2” CNC milled birchplywood, we designed the booth to be easily pieced together with interlocking dogbone joints and  minimal hardware. 


Long Beach, CA
ComplexCon 2022

Photography by
Fernando Astiazaran